The internet is filling up.

Indeed, there are now 1.5 billion websites, with new ones being created every single day.

With so much competition out there, attracting adequate levels of traffic to a website isn’t easy. Thankfully, though, it’s far from impossible.

Among the plethora of ways to do it, giveaways have become one of the most effective. Want to learn how to run one?

Read on for 5 steps on running a successful giveaway to boost organic traffic.

1. Set a Goal

All good contests start with a solid understanding of what they want to achieve.

We know, we know: you want traffic! And lots of it.

You’ll get it, too. However, set your sights a little higher. Any giveaway can have all sorts of positive outcomes; everything from newfound email subscribers to sales generation is possible.

Have a think about what your business/website needs, and goal-set accordingly.

2. Decide the Prize

Your giveaway is only as good as the prize on offer.

As a rule of thumb, the more valuable/desirable the prize, the more engagement you’ll see.

Whether you’ve giving away a product or experience, make sure it’s relevant to your audience. Cash, coupons, holidays, products…it’s up to you.

There’s no need to go overboard though.

Success at running contests takes practice. Starting with smaller prizes helps you hone the craft with less financial risk.

3. Set the Parameters

It’s time to set some rules for the giveaway.

Think about who can enter, the dates in which the contest will run, and how people will enter it. Consider when the winner will be announced, and how you’ll decide the winner(s) too.

These rules lay the groundwork for success. Once everything’s in order, you can set about creating the giveaway itself.

4. Get Practical

You need to create a landing page for people to provide their details and enter the prize draw.

Now, there are different ways to do this. However, one of the easiest is to leverage one of the many WordPress plug-ins created for this purpose.

Using a plug-in to simplify this process, you’ll be able to set up the landing page in a matter of minutes.

5. Market the Giveaway

A giveaway, just like a business, will fail if nobody knows about it.

That’s why marketing is all-important. With everything up and running, it’s time to promote the giveaway to your audience.

Social media is your ally in this endeavor. Put a post on your platform(s) of choice to spread the message and post the rules. Expand your reach by making a social share of the post a rule of entry.

In other words, to have a chance of winning, entrants must share that social media post with their friends!

Use a Giveaway to Boost Traffic

Running a giveaway to boost traffic is a great way for businesses and individuals to drive new users to their online doors.

Hopefully, this post has provided the basic steps to help you do exactly that!

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