You’ve finally taken the bait and created an Instagram account. You’re now one of the 1 billion users worldwide and your brand new Instagram is in need of a marketing strategy.

Whether you are on social media for personal reasons or for business, you’ll need followers for your page to have relevance.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you see celebrity pages with high-level engagement. This is to be expected. But what do you do when you don’t have that kind of clout?

Keep reading for tips on how to build an Instagram campaign that will increase your following in no time.

Let Your Facebook Followers Know You Have a Brand New Instagram Account

Give your brand new Instagram account a quick boost by utilizing the app that allows you to auto-post content between pages. Once your Facebook friends and business page followers see you’re on Instagram they will be motivated to follow.

You can also let your audience on other social media platforms know you have an IG account and would love their support. Create a post and include a promotional graphic.

Create Engaging IG Stories

The Instagram Story is a powerful tool to add to your IG campaign. Stories are a way to share content in a 24-hour cycle. The posts include images and short video clips. The content is featured in a story line-up that site users see across the top of the screen.

Your story posts are visible for 24 hours. Like Snapchat, the posts auto-delete. There is the option to post the same content to your IG page.

Provide Useful Content Via Live Stream

If you have something valuable to provide, share it in a live stream. Like many social platforms, Instagram has a streaming feature. It is a feature within the IG Story,

Users can engage their following with inspirational chats, product demonstrations, or scripted content. People love watching live videos and connecting with their favorite social personalities.

Optimize Your Images

Instagram is more about the images you post than written content. Ensure the photos you upload are vibrant and optimized to gain traction. Include a short blurb about the image that will prompt people to like the post or leave a comment.

Remember, you will be competing with the 95 million photos and videos posted every day.

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags are still popular and can boost the visibility of your posts. Your brand should have its own custom hashtag that you use throughout social media. When creating posts on Instagram, you will want to include trending hashtags to get your posts in front of potential followers.

Use These Tips and Watch Your Audience Grow

Getting your brand new Instagram page off and running is easier when you have a social media strategy. You can get the followers you want if you understand the tools available to you.

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