Facebook has over 2.6 billion users. That’s 2.6 billion people that could find your business using the social media platform. However, those people are only going to find you if you’re using the right Facebook marketing strategy to be found.

If you want to take advantage of Facebook’s userbase and the growing number of people using social media to find new products and services, read on to learn how to do so.

Define Your Audience

If you’re wondering how to market on Facebook, the first step is to define your audience. These are the people that will have an interest in or need your business offerings. Start defining your audience by determining their shared traits.

A good practice is to think about demographics and psychographics. Demographics are information like age, gender, income, education level, and so on. Psychographics have more to do with lifestyle, hobbies, and areas of interest.

Understanding who your audience is will make it easier to target them with your Facebook marketing strategy. You can also use our customer targeting guide.

Set Marketing Goals

The next step is to set Facebook marketing goals. These tell you what you want to achieve so that you can monitor your progress. Your marketing goals should be based on your particular business needs.

Common marketing goals for Facebook including boosting awareness, engagement, or conversions.

Create a Posting Schedule

A big part of marketing on social media is posting frequently. Content that you create and post is called organic content. The great part about posting on social media is that every time you do, your followers are reminded of your brand.

The organic content you post needs to add value so that your users want to follow you. This means it shouldn’t all be promotional.

If you plan to post frequently, as you should, you might consider using a posting calendar tool or creating your own to help you stay consistent and on track.

Engage With Your Audience

Your job isn’t over once you post. You want to make sure that you’re also engaging with your audience. This looks like responding to comments on posts and answering direct messages quickly. You can also be interactive with what you post by asking questions or using poll features.

Being engaging helps your followers feel connected to you, builds brand loyalty, and encourages future purchases.

Use Facebook Ads

When using Facebook for marketing, it’s suggested that you run advertising campaigns. Organic content will help you connect with the people already following you, but advertising is how you reach new people and grow awareness.

Make sure that you take advantage of Facebook’s targeting features by setting up your audience profiles and targeting lookalike audiences.

Measure Your Results

Remember the goals discussed earlier? Now you need to measure them. This allows you to see when your strategy is and isn’t working so that you can adjust accordingly.

Measuring your results is how you’ll continually improve and get more out of your strategy.

Facebook recently released Facebook Business Suite, which lets businesses monitor their results on Facebook and Instagram in one place.

Start Implementing a Successful Facebook Marketing Strategy

Now that you know how to build a successful Facebook marketing strategy, it’s time to get started. As long as you continue to set and measure your goals, you’ll find yourself on the right track.

If you found this helpful, check out our social media marketing services today.