Are you stuck choosing between Facebook vs Instagram for your marketing strategy?

Social Media opened a new frontier in online marketing and advertising, providing a means to reach and engage customers in an interactive environment. Among the go-to platforms is Facebook, which has 2.70 billion users to date. Over the past 15 years, Facebook introduced a plethora of innovations as it expanded how we view social media today.

By 2010, another platform came to the scene in the form of Instagram. Its active user base continues to grow with 1 billion monthly active users. This introduced another trend with its fast-paced flow of content.

Comparing the two, which of these two is the better marketing platform? We will put them side by side as we find out which works better for you.

User Demographics

In this Facebook vs Instagram marketing comparison, we start with the user demographic on each one. When looking at the number of active users, Facebook stands out on those numbers. When you look at the demographic, though, that is where you would notice a big difference.

Instagram has a younger demographic as the majority of its users are within the teenage years and up. Facebook has a somewhat older demographic. The majority of its users are around 20 years old heading towards the late 40s.

At the moment, Facebook stands out as a go-to platform for businesses. It’s a good place to marketing your brand if your service applies to all ages.


The next aspect we will look into is how the algorithms work on either website. With Instagram, posts rank up by engagement, relevance, user relationships, timeliness, and direct shares. Profile searches and time spent viewing the post also affects it.

This makes Instagram attractive due to how you can bring a post up through interaction and engagement. Thus, making it a great platform for influencers.

This year, Facebook had its algorithm changes that currently affects brands. While designed to combat the proliferation of fake news, it affects business pages as well when it comes to exposure. Now, Facebook focuses on its social aspect where a user’s connections become a priority on the feed.

Marketing Effectiveness

First, let us look at Instagram. Direct marketing with a focus on engagement and raising awareness works great on this platform. If your audience is in a younger age group, such as those below 30, go for Instagram marketing.

Marketing on Facebook works best when it comes to visibility and targeting older age groups. Though, in this case, you will need to resort to paid advertising. An interesting note for Facebook is that you have an easier time funneling users to an online store or business website.

Choose Between Facebook vs Instagram Today

If you want your marketing campaign on social media to be effective, you need to know which platform to go for. Choose between Facebook vs Instagram and market your brand today!

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