Continuing our discussion from last week, Off-Page SEO and Email campaigns are extremely beneficial for your business’s marketing strategy. They provide benefits such as reaching larger audiences, providing vital information to consumers in the decision-making process, and continue to build loyalty to your brand. Our web design firm suggests these types of campaigns for every single one of our marketing clients and for good reason. For those of you considering implementing these types of campaigns in your marketing strategy, here a few best practices that we use when running such campaigns. 

Off-Page SEO

An Off-Page SEO campaign will establish credibility with potential audiences and help generate your business sales leads from consumers that are in the midst of the decision-making process. This behind the scenes campaign will help broaden your brand name through new marketing outlets such as blogs, online magazines, and directory listings. The marketing department at our web design company works hard on these campaigns for clients so that their business is located as top results in these outlets. Some best practices to implement:

  • Identify- You will want to have the person in charge of your Off-Page SEO campaign to do extensive research into the various outlets that will be most popular and relevant to your brand. They will need to look at which outlets are driving your desired audiences in and which ones are seeing the best results. Looking at business/brands that are similar to yours and trying to reach the same audiences is a great way to cut down on research that has already been done. 
  • Publish and Leverage Media Coverage- An Off-Page SEO campaign is where PR and Digital Advertising hold hands and work together which can lead to beautiful things for your brand. Consider creating press releases for the newsworthy information coming from your brand. This type of media coverage isn’t going to reach your casual web surfer, but it will put you in touch with professional journalists that can help get your company’s name out into public hands. 

Email Campaigns

Email may seem like a dinosaur in today’s society but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These campaigns are a great way of keeping relationships with already existing consumers and helps to continue building that loyalty between the two parties. Our web design firm is especially keen on these types of campaigns for creating lasting relationships with consumers. 

  • Helpful and Persuasive Email Copy- When creating the emails that will go out to your mailing list, consider what type of content will come across as trusting to the consumer during the decision-making process and content that will paint a picture for them of your brand. 
  • A mixture of Content- Since your mailing list will include a mixture of people who may have just signed up or are at the point where they are ready to convert, you will want to include content that is relevant for both types of consumers. Mixing a portion of educational content and sales copy will appeal to both parties without pushing one completely away. 

From everyone at our web design company, we hope that this series has been helpful in your business moving forward with your marketing strategy and assist in identifying how to implement these practices. Like we said, every single one of these campaigns are tools that we use in our office. Need help with your brand’s marketing? Feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!