Social Media and Content marketing campaigns are great ways to reach the audiences your company is attempting to target and generate sales leads for your business. In the first two parts of our four-part series, we discussed how these two campaigns can benefit your business while also offering some best practices that go along with them. In the second half of our series, we are going to offer up two other types of campaigns that our web design firm implements for clients. Off-page SEO and Email campaigns are common marketing campaigns that many businesses choose to use in their strategies. At our web design company, any client looking to opt in for our marketing services will usually sign up for these to help push their business forward. 

Off-Page SEO Campaigns

Any successful marketing campaign takes the right placement and the right content to persuade consumers but that will only get your campaign so far. Many businesses and products in today’s market are found through the big search engines, i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc. For audiences to effectively see your company in these searches, it takes more than just a creative blog with a few keywords spotlighted in them. Our web design company utilizes this campaign for each of our marketing clients to offer them the best results on their investment. The benefits of this type of campaign include:

  • Spotlighting Your Company

When your business interacts with these types of search engines, your business will begin to earn a certain type of credibility, not only amongst the search engines but with journalists who will also aid in spreading your name. This will help put your brand in the spotlight for others to see. 

  • Edge-Out The Competition

As your business begins to win the heart of the search engine algorithm and journalists, your rankings will begin to rise which will allow for your brand to reach a greater audience and destroy the competition. When you are at the top of every related search engine result, no-one will be able to stop you from succeeding. 

Email Campaigns

This type of campaign is a trade and true original when it comes to digital marketing. Even with how far the internet has come since its founding, email campaigns are still one of the best marketing tools your company can use. Our web design firm suggests this form of campaign for every client because in this type of campaign your prospects and customers give you permission to repeatedly advertise to them. These campaigns offer:

  • Stay in Your Consumer’s Brains

We check our emails daily. Multiple times a day. Your company will constantly be placed in front of your consumers making it hard for them to forget about you and your brand. 

  • Nurturing Leads

For the consumers that have signed up to your campaign, they will be receiving your emails consistently. As long as the content is staying relevant in the sequences, you will be successful in keeping your already existing clients loyal to your brand and continue converting them to spend with you.