Is it safe for us to assume that as a business owner, you’re already overwhelmed?

There are so many moving pieces to take care of when running a business – and marketing is one of them. But marketing a small business is a full-time job and one you likely don’t have time to do.

If you’re thinking about hiring an outside marketing agency but don’t know how to find the best one, ask your options the following questions during your free consultation.

Are You Niche-Aware?

Many people think they need to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in their specific niche. And while some awareness is essential, true marketing experts are creative, and they can lend their talents towards any niche.

No matter the niche, the intentions behind different types of posts are the same. You’re either creating awareness, driving sales, upselling someone, or cementing their loyalty as a customer. As long as the marketing agency can do that in one niche, they can do it in yours.

So – when you sit down with them, ask them if they have any experience in your niche. Listen, but don’t get up and walk away if it’s not the bulk of their clients. You can always revisit or find another agency if it doesn’t work out down the line.

What Kind of Marketing Goals Do You Have For Your Own Brand?

You wouldn’t hire a house cleaner to come clean your home if theirs was a mess. And you shouldn’t hire a marketing agency that can’t (or don’t) market themselves.

Finding out about their brand’s marketing strategy will give you a glimpse into what they think is most important – even if those things are different than your goals. Listening to them talk about their own strategy is a good way to learn the most effective practices (in their opinion) and something to keep in mind moving forward.

What Metrics Do You Use?

In marketing, metrics are everything. Just like you wouldn’t bake a cake without measuring your ingredients, you don’t spend your money without measuring each posts’ success.

There are hundreds of different programs out there that track marketing metrics. The most common are the ones built into Facebook and Instagram, along with Google Analytics.

If this marketing company uses another platform, will you have access to it? Is the cost of the program included in their fees, or will you have to buy it for yourself, if you want to check in on your marketing on your personal computer?

What’s the Number One Thing You Would Change About My Current Strategy?

You’re not going to hire every agency you interview. Some are better fits than others, and your perfect agency could be the first one you call or the fourth.

Even if you don’t think you’re going to hire this company, ask them what the number one thing they would change about your strategy is right now. If you hired them, what would be the first thing they’d do to help you toward your goals?

Pay close attention to their answer.

Finding the Perfect Marketing Agency

Since you’re on our site, we hope we’re the top marketing agency on your list of companies to talk to about your current strategy.

We’re happy to set up a free consultation to answer the above questions, and more!