You may think that your major marketing campaigns and posting great social media content on your business’s profiles are the best ways to raise your brand awareness with consumers, and you would be correct but there is always another outlet that says a lot about your brand. Your logo. Your company’s logo is a piece of your company’s personality, and it will be one of the first things a consumer notices about your business. Many times we have clients come to us to create their business a new logo and other times, we are asked to consult with clients about what their logo should look like before our designer creates it. Here are a few questions we ask at our web design firm when discussing their logo design:

What message is being conveyed?

This is the starting point for any logo and for good reason. This question and the answer to this question will determine the route that the rest of the logo design process will take. Are you trying to show consumers that you are professional? Playful? Innovative? Whatever your answer may be to this question, it will help drive the rest of the process. Before you can say anything to your consumer, you have to know what you are going to say. 

What do the graphics and colors mean in your logo?

At our web design firm, every decision has a specific purpose and meaning behind it. This plays both into the graphic that we are creating and the colors that we use. We ask clients why they have decided on a certain color palette or what their graphic represents for their brand before designing the final logo. We ask these same questions during the web design process to create a better understanding of what the brand is and how that should be represented to the consumer.  Knowing the answers to these questions will help your create a better understanding of what your brand is and help guide you in answering the next question.

Who are you trying to appeal to?

This may seem like a simple question to answer because you more than likely have a specific target market or demographic in mind but that question because highly complex when you start discussing logo design. Just like the web design process, all decisions are made to appeal to your specific target market. Not only is it just the color scheme and graphic decisions you make, but it will also include the font and style you use on your logo. Every visual decision you make in this process is to attract your audience. 

You may think that creating a logo for your business isn’t that important and as long as you have something that looks good that is all that matters. As you can see, there are multiple questions you need to answer so that your brand is well represented with the logo you come up with.