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How to Make the Most of Social Media for Small Businesses

If you have started a social media account for your small business in hopes to bring more people to your website design in Nashville and to increase leads, then you

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The Secret to Social Media Success

Over the years, you've probably learned that small businesses can benefit from social media exposure. After all, that's where a lot of your customers are hanging out, so why wouldn't

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Launching into Social Media

ADDED CHALLENGES FOR INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS LAUNCHING INTO SOCIAL MEDIA. While All My Web Needs Social Media Maven Stephanie Katcher was bouncing around out West (SoCal, Salt Lake and Denver

Choosing your social media strategy for 2014

Choosing a social media strategy that meets your needs in 2014 There is no cookie cutter answer for choosing a social media strategy. However, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of

Creating content that converts

Sifting through the buzz on content and getting to what matters, conversions! Content would seem to be a given on any media platform. You can’t publish a newspaper or magazine

How to use social media for business

If you think your company is not involved in social media, you’re wrong. Your company may not be actively engaging users on social media platforms, but I guarantee your fans and your non-supporters are there. As a result, it is the company’s responsibility to create a social media experience that can turn a dissatisfied customer into a raving fan. In this article I will try to outline some of the best practices in how to use social media for business.

Social Networking Mistakes: Top Mistakes by Small Businesses

Sure you’re marketing with Twitter and Facebook, but are you doing it well? No matter how you slice it, reaching out, connecting and having conversations with customers online costs a business owner time and money. The worst thing you can do is waste that time and money only to yield no results. This article will hopefully give you some insight into the most common social networking mistakes businesses make.