When customers search for your company, your logo is going to be the first thing they see. Their first impressions are based on what they think about your logo. 

Everyone knows a bad logo when they see one, but what makes a good one? 

Use this guide to help you understand the do’s and don’ts of logo design!

Do Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the key to a successful logo design. 

You need to do proper research to understand what target audience your brand is reaching for. This is done by looking at the demographics of your audience. 

Does your business cater toward a younger audience or older folks? You can craft your logo based on these facts. 

Don’t Copy Other Businesses and Brands

This is your quickest ticket to plagiarism town and a bunch of legal fees. 

Your brand is unique and can stand on its own! You do not need to rely on the popularity of another brand’s logo to make yours more appealing. It only makes it confusing for your audience and leaves you in a heap of possible legal trouble. 

Do Make Different Logo Sizes and File Types

There are many places and situations where you will need to use your logo, which means you need to have several different copies of your logo saved in different sizes and file types. 

Think about it: have you ever seen a blurry logo? That means the business or brand did not prepare their logo for that platform or situation. It comes off looking unprofessional. 

Instead, if you know your logo will be used on your website and social media, then you can save different sizes and file types for each. Since both are digital entities, a PNG file may work, but you may need to resize your logo for different platforms. 

Don’t Change Your Logo Frequently

This is a mistake often made by brands that are not so old, and it always leaves their audience confused. You don’t need to change your logo frequently. 

In fact, our logo branding and design team will give you something you love so much that you won’t want to change it! Stick to staying professional with our logo design services. 

Do Make It Unique But Simple

People like simple branding designs. It’s easy on the eye and makes it easier to identify which brand it is. 

You can make it unique by adding your own flair or specific colors to it that match your brand’s tone and energy. 

Logo Design for Winners

By understanding these do’s and don’ts, your logo design will help you continue to build a successful brand. Know your audience, keep different copies and file types, and stay unique. Before you know it, your brand will soar above the others all because of your cool logo!

Contact us today so we can get started on helping you build the logo of your brand’s dreams!